Key Legislations Sponsored / Co-Sponsored by Assemblyman Lalor


A03620 Limits the state tax on motor and Diesel fuels to the national average; repealer


A03625 Authorizes counties, municipalities and school districts to withdraw sponsorship of a community college


A03629 Makes the yearly renewals of the enhanced STAR exemption automatic


A03638 Authorizes municipalities to issue tax rebates without prior approval


A03664 Relates to the issuance of a distinctive license plate for Iraq War and War in Afghanistan veterans


A03686 Permits municipalities to use highway assistance payments for either capital projects or routine maintenance


A03687 Prohibits municipalities from issuing government identification cards to illegal aliens


A03689 Relates to a shared animal ownership agreement


A03690 Repeals subdivision 6 of section 420.10 of the criminal procedure law, relating to the ability of a sentencing court to reduce a restitution order in a criminal sentence to a civil judgment


A03779 Relates to the financing of community colleges


A03781 Makes membership in the state retirement system optional for members of the legislature


A03783 Enacts term limits for members of the legislature


A03791 Proposes an amendment to the constitution prohibiting certain unfunded mandates or political subdivisions of the state


A04031 Relates to the ACT assessment


A04379 Repeals the START-UP NY program


A04626 Eliminates allowances for members of the legislature serving as an officer of either house except for the leaders in each house of either party


A04627 Reduces travel expenses and per diems for members of the legislature living less than one hundred and twenty-five miles from the capitol


A04641 Requires all plea agreements offered to public officers and former public officers to include pension forfeiture


A05366 Allows the municipal volunteer fire department of the village of Fishkill to hold its annual meeting and election of company and chief officers in December of each year


A05395 Relates to granting STAR exemptions in certain cases


A05396 Requires the head of a law enforcement department to enforce a special schedule on Memorial day/Veterans' day that allows law enforcement officers who are veterans to take such leave

A05401 Provides that veterans who receive tax exemptions granted by school districts shall remain eligible for all tax rebates such veterans would have been eligible for in the absence of such exemptions


A05409 Increases the amount of money a retired police officer may earn in a position of school safety officer to $32,500


A05410 Removes the income earning limitations for police officers employed as school safety officers


A06514 Relates to requiring a company receiving funding under the economic development law to disclose the number of its employees having been issued an H1-B visa


A06533 Requires disclosure of the total number of employees of a company receiving money pursuant to the economic development law


A07398 Exempts military re-enactors from the provisions of chapter 1 of the laws of 2013


A09671 Relates to waiving the residency requirement for the town board-appointed officers in the town of LaGrange, Dutchess county


A09936 Authorizes the commissioner of the department of civil service to reinstate Frank Pallett on the eligible civil service list for employment as a State University of New York police officer


A10301 Relates to allowing Thomas P. Lasher to join the special retirement plan for sheriffs, undersheriffs and deputy sheriffs

A10305 Grants retroactive tier II membership to Todd Mikus



A.6101 - Declares the Vietnam Veterans of America to be benevolent orders and grants such organization various benefits available to specified veterans' organizations; requires the commissioner of general services to set aside space in the capitol for use as quarters of the Vietnam Veterans of America.


A.7375 - Requires all assessing units to participate in the enhanced school tax relief exemption. The income verification program was intended to be an option for all Enhanced STAR applicants as a way to avoid the annual application process. It has come to our attention that despite this, some assessors have not been offering the option to taxpayers. The purpose of this bill is to make it clear that the income verification program is a state-wide program that is available to all Enhanced STAR applicants.


A.506  - The Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act

This bill would improve the State's response to human trafficking and increase the accountability of buyers and traffickers by, among other things: (i) conforming the ages of victims in certain prostitution offenses under Article 230 of the Penal Law to the ages of victims of rape offenses under Article 130 of the Penal Law; (ii) making sex trafficking a Class B violent felony and certain cases of labor trafficking a Class D violent felony, and creating the new offense of aggravated labor trafficking; and (iii) creating three aggravated patronizing offenses where the person patronized is a minor. The bill provides for increasing awareness among law enforcement regarding identifying human trafficking victims and referral of services to victims by requiring the superintendent of police, in consultation with the office of temporary and disability assistance (OTDA) and the division of criminal justice services (DCJS), to develop and disseminate to all members of the state police written policies and education materials relating to human trafficking victims and to establish and implement written procedures in the event state police encounters an individual believed to be a human trafficking victim.


A.9531 Veterans Equality Act


A.5451C -  This bill would ensure the safety of persons who are blind or partially sighted by licensing the trained vision rehabilitation professionals who work with them to restore their independent functioning within the home, the school, the workplace and the wider community.


A2901 - This bill would allow an adopted person who is at least eighteen years of age to request from the court from which the order of adoption was made, or from the supreme court, a certified copy of his or her original birth certificate and/or a medical history form if available. Adoptees will be able to gain knowledge of their religious and ethnic heritage and access to medical information that may be necessary for preventive health care and illnesses that are linked to family history and genetics. A birth parent may seek to protect his or her privacy by completing a contact preference form that would be sent to the adult adoptee upon a request for a noncertified copy-of an original birth certificate. The contact preference form provides the birth parent with the option to be contacted by the adoptee, through an intermediary or to not be contacted at all.


A.2615B - Creates the crime of staging a motor vehicle accident to stiffen penalties for this kind of fraud.


A.7704 Pension forfeiture for criminal elected officials - 

Amends the state constitution tonprovide that a public officer, as defined in this resolution, who stands convicted of a felony which was committed in direct connection with service as a public officer may have their pension reduced or revoked following notice and a court hearing. The courts determination to reduce or revoke shall take into consideration of factors including the severity of the crime and the proportionality of a reduction or a revocation to such crime.


A.1819A -  Requires sex offenders with multiple residences to report their second or other residences. Directs the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to develop a notification procedure for mandatory reporting by offenders who have multiple residences.


A.1787C - Requires the licensing of persons engaged in the design, construction, operation, inspection, maintenance, alteration and repair of elevators and other automatic people moving devices and creates the New York state elevator safety and standards board and the elevator and related conveyances safety program account.


A.1178C - To provide mandatory coverage for prosthetic devises for children who periodically need to have these devices altered or replaced due to normal physical growth, for adults whose conditions change and to account for updated technology, repair and replacement.


A00377 Provides that any state officer or local officer convicted of a felony involving breach of public trust be subject to forfeiture of pension rights or retirement benefits.   


A00530 Enacts the New York state thruway authority accountability act; names the commissioner of DOT as chair of the thruway authority board; directs the commissioner of DOT to submit a plan to merge the thruway authority into the department of transportation.  


A00787 Permits entities to employ certain licensed professionals relating to social work.   


A01063 Provides that no policy of group accident, group health or group accident and health shall impose co-payments in excess of twenty percent of total reimbursement to the provider of care.   


A01604 Prohibits the passage of bills by the legislature between the hours of midnight and eight o'clock a.m. unless 2/3 of the legislature is present; requires two-thirds approval for messages of necessity.   


A01660  Relates to the authorization of school districts to enter into lease purchase agreements for the acquisition of security solutions.


A01680  Increases from twenty-four to sixty months, the time for which reconsideration for parole for a violent felony offense shall be determined.


A01726  Provides for the recall power of the electors to remove an elective officer.


A01775   Relates to exemptions from sales and use taxes for gift certificates, electronic gift cards and magnetic gift cards.


A02024  Relates to certain assault crimes wherein a person is aided or encouraged to strike the victim in the head and cause unconsciousness. 


A02032   Allows municipalities to lease naming rights of government-owned property.


A02116   Permits an authorized physician to direct that physical therapy care may be rendered by a certified physical therapist assistant.


A02444  Requires residency for the receipt of social services; residency being defined as domicile for at least a year in the state of New York.


A02460   Requires that any ballot proposition creating a state debt shall contain an estimate of the amortization period and the total expected debt service payable thereon until the bonds issued pursuant to such proposition are retired; relates to deposits to the tax stabilization reserve fund; provides that at least 10% of any surplus shall be used to pay down state debt.


A02503  Allows political subdivisions to enter into purchase contracts with retailers, vendors and wholesalers when such contracts are lower than the lowest responsible bidder and state contract price.

 A02504  Removes the statute of limitations in criminal and civil actions involving sex offenses committed against a minor.


A02516   Authorizes NYS power authority to allow certain governments and corporations to bundle electrical services.


A02532  Establishes the crime of allurement of a minor through electronic means. 


A02546   Relates to the provision of criminal history background checks free of charge to mentoring programs operated by not-for-profit corporations.


A02872   Revives civil actions for certain sex offenses committed against a person less than eighteen years of age.


A03242   Removes the requirement that a public employer continue terms of an expired agreement until a new a

agreement is negotiated with an employee organization.


A03350   Repeals chapter 1 of the laws of 2013, relating to the New York Safe Act of 2013.


A03637  Enacts the military spouse act of 2015, which: requires a workshop to investigate and report about licensing and the difficulties encountered by military spouses (Part A); authorizes the state to certify persons to teach who are not graduates of teacher education programs (Part B); adopts the interstate nursing licensure compact (Part C); and authorizes licensing of military spouses with out-of-state licenses in equivalent occupations (Part D).


A03649   Prohibits a statewide elected official, state officer or employee, member of the legislature or legislative employee to use state aircraft for political purposes; a violation of such restriction constitutes a class A misdemeanor.


A03652   Provides for the "Campaign Medal for Service" to be awarded to those who have provided military service in Iraq.


A03662   Expands voting hours in special elections to from 6am to 9pm.


A03667   Relates to making the the New York state estate tax exemption five million dollars.


A03676   Requires recipients of public assistance benefits submit to pre-qualification drug screening and testing, random drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing and resumption of benefits drug testing.


A03681   Creates exemption for certain military personnel from certain training and testing requirements in order to qualify for a commercial driver's license.


A03684   Directs the Commissioner of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to provide Empire Passports to the families of reservists and members of the National Guard, whose qualified service commenced on or after September eleventh, two thousand and one.


A03691   Exempts qualifying residential real property from taxation for active duty service members.


A03714   Provides for the "Campaign Medal for Service" to be awarded to those who have provided military service in Afghanistan.


A03717   Ensures that women seeking an abortion receive an ultrasound and the opportunity to review the ultrasound before giving informed consent to receive an abortion.


A03719   Allows individuals, duly licensed out-of-state to carry a pistol or firearm, authority to carry such weapon within New York state for a limited duration with proper documentation.


A03722   Creates the offense of unlawful funeral protest.


A03784   Includes the war on terrorism which commenced in 2001, within the definition of "period of war" for purposes of the veterans alternative property tax exemption.


A03827   Extends the real property tax exemption for veterans organizations to include property so owned which is

occupied by any person although not also entitled to exemption.


A03862   To allow those with military service and an honorable discharge to attend classes at the State University of New York (SUNY) and the City University of New York (CUNY) on a tuition-free audit basis.


A03863   Suspends the Triborough amendment; requires the mandate relief team to prepare a list of unfunded mandates; expires in two years.


A03876   Repeals the wage theft prevention act, amending various provisions of the labor law relating to the payment of wages.


A03923   Provides that combat medics may obtain distinctive license plates.


A03937   Eliminates the requirement that hunters wear back tags during hunting season in the state.


A03943   Repeals the SAFE Act.


A03988   Authorizes the issuance of distinctive plates for recipients of the distinguished service cross medal.


A04002   Relates to the form of proposed constitutional amendments, propositions or questions; requires form of language to be un-biased.


A04032   Declares the Vietnam Veterans of America to be a benevolent order and grants such organization various benefits available to specified veterans' organizations.


A04285 Establishes a defined contribution plan for all non-civil service appointees and elected officials of the New York state and local employees' retirement system who are not yet vested in a state retirement system or who are hired after the effective date of this section; authorizes elected officials to join such defined contribution plan; defines terms; provides for contributions to such defined contribution plan; authorizes the promulgation of any necessary rules and regulations.


A04330   Requires the certification or training of teachers, administrators and instructors in the area of dyslexia and related disorders.


A04359   Requires the deposit, into the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund, of a portion of the sales tax collected on each gallon of motor fuel sold at retail.


A04373  Establishes crime of vehicular assault in the third degree where person, with criminal negligence, causes physical injury to another person while unlawfully overtaking and passing a stopped school bus; expands other degrees of crime to include unlawfully passing a stopped school bus.


A04391   Permits doctors of chiropractic to form limited liability companies.


A04473   Requires tolls and revenues from certain bridges and tunnels in New York and New Jersey to be used to cover the costs of the construction, maintenance and operation of said bridges and tunnels.


A04483   Establishes a personal income tax credit for the amount of premiums paid for health insurance during a taxpayer year; provides that such credit shall apply to health insurance provided for the taxpayer, the taxpayer's spouse and the taxpayer's dependent children; provides that the credit shall not exceed $2400 during any taxable year, with a limit of $800 each for the taxpayer and spouse, and $400 for each dependent.


A04503   Authorizes peace officers and police officers to impound vehicle when the driver of such vehicle fails to produce an insurance identification card.


A04505   This bill will add that a person is guilty of unauthorized use of a vehicle in the third degree if he or she enters in or remains in a vehicle knowing that the owner has not given consent.


A04515   Requires the governing body of each school district which eliminates teaching positions and costs to decrease a proportional amount in administrative costs.


A04583   Establishes the physicians, dentists and clinic charity care credit, in the amount of the cost of the care provided, up to five percent of the individuals or practices net taxable income or twenty thousand dollars, whichever is the lesser amount.


A04617   This bill enacts numerous reforms to restore accountability to New York State government including:  reforming member items; replacing the separate investigative authorities with a new Commission on Official Conduct; requiring the return of campaign funds to donors or charity upon felony convictions; creating a new crime for failure to report corruption; limiting use of campaign funds to campaign activities; creating penalties for filing late campaign disclosure statements; and instituting eight-year term limits for legislative leaders and committee chairs.


A04643   Proposes the removal of pension and retirement benefits from persons convicted of certain felonies.


A04659  Provides that public officers convicted of a felony related to the abuse of his or her office shall forfeit their state pension. 


A04665  Requires approval by 2/3 vote of membership of the senate and assembly voting separately to increase or decrease any tax rate, impose a new state tax, extend or delete existing state tax. 


A04683   Requires that all legislation imposing a fee shall expire within two years after its effective date.


A04804   Excludes from personal income taxation moneys paid by a taxpayer over the age of sixty-five for prescription drugs whose New York adjusted gross income is below or equal to $60,000.


A04809   Any state mandated expenditure imposed on a locality exceeding $10,000 annually shall be funded by and through the state.


A04811  Eliminates ability of legislators to earn certain perks associated with transportation, including, but not limited to, frequent-flier miles and reward points for hotel stays.


A04818   Increases the real property tax exemption for certain veterans using alternative exemption from $12,000 to $16,000; increases additional exemption for combat veterans from $8,000 to $10,000; increases disabled veteran exemption from $40,000 to $50,000.


A05142   Withdraws New York from Common Core.


A05177   Relates to eliminating state sales and compensating use taxes on motor fuels and diesel motor fuels and authorizing localities to eliminate such taxes at the local level; reduces the tax rate from four cents per gallon to two cents per gallon; makes technical changes.


A05249   Reimburses counties who have purchased or will purchase Medicaid fraud detection software.

A05898 Enacts the small business full employment act; enacts various measures to provide tax and regulatory relief for small businesses to encourage growth.  


A06025  Enacts the common core parental refusal act.


A06202 Requires state reimbursement to counties and cities in which a county is located of the full amount of

expenditures for indigent legal services.  


A06722   Provides that members of a public pension or retirement system convicted of a felony involving breach of public trust be subject to forfeiture of pension benefits, rights and privileges.


A08022   Would require legislative approval of minimum wage increases promulgated through wage orders.


A08196   Relates to firearms; authorizes the transfer of certain weapons from an estate to an immediate member of the decedent's family; relates to reports of substantial risk or threat of harm by mental health professionals; and repeals certain provisions of law relating thereto.


A08215   Extends rent control and repeals the SAFE Act.


A08377   Increases the penalty, from a class A misdemeanor to a class D violent felony, for intending to cause physical injury to a police officer or peace officer and causing such physical injury.


A08379   Adds on-duty auxiliary police officers to the list of public servants for whom it is an assault in the second degree if an individual causes physical injury while intending to prevent such public servant from performing a lawful duty.


A08380  Expands the class E felony offense of the unlawful wearing of a body vest to anyone who is wearing a body vest during the commission of a misdemeanor or a felony and who is in

possession of a deadly weapon.


A08658  Relates to requiring bills with a threshold level of co-sponsorship to be brought to the floor for a vote to be taken thereon. 


A09038   Allows liquor licenses to be issued to certain premises within two hundred feet of a building occupied exclusively as a school, church, synagogue or other place of worship.


A09118   Relates to contributions made to family tuition accounts; provides that a taxpayer may deposit a sum derived from his or her personal income tax refund into college savings accounts.


A09399   Relates to funding for the office for people with developmental disabilities; transfers one billion dollars to such office from funds appropriated to the MTA; appropriates funds therefor.


A09410 Authorizes the carrying of service-issued firearms by military personnel at recruiting centers while on duty.  


A09546   Relates to changes in assessment for businesses that make payments in lieu of taxes; establishes that any reduction in school taxes shall not take effect until the following taxable status year.


A09777   Authorizes an applicant for a pistol or revolver license to possess such while attending a pre-license firearms safety course and while under the supervision of the instructor thereof.


A09943   Repeals provisions relating to the transition of the school tax relief property tax exemption to a personal income tax credit.

A10543   Designates certain offenses against emergency medical services personnel, firefighters, and law enforcement officers as hate crimes; includes the definition of emergency medical services personnel, firefighters, and law enforcement officers.


A10569 Provides that prior to the 2019-2020 school year, a school district shall not be subject to a withholding of yearly increases in general support for public schools from funds appropriated from the amount payable in the base year based upon the failure of such school district to fully implement the standards and procedures for conducting annual teacher and principal evaluations of teachers and principals in accordance with the requirements of section 3012-d of the education law provided that such school district that has not yet fully implemented the requirements of section 3012-d of the education law has fully implemented, or fully implements, an annual professional performance review for teachers and principals in accordance with the requirements of section 3012-c of the education law by September first of each respective year, commencing with September 1, 2015.


A10665 Relates to the issuance of a distinctive license plate for Iraq War and War in Afghanistan veterans.


A10706 Requires state reimbursement to counties and cities in which a county is located of the full amount of expenditures for indigent legal services.