105th Assembly District Start-Up Spotlight: Amazology - LaGrangeville, NY

By Kieran Lalor, on Jun 21, 2016

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This is the first installment of a new series called 105th Assembly District Start-Up Spotlight which celebrates the dedicated entrepreneurs of our community.

Company:  Amazology LLC

Location:  LaGrangeville, New York.

Description: Purveyors of advanced men’s skincare and grooming products utilizing powerful organic ingredients sourced from the Amazon Rainforest.

 Where to Buy: Amazology products are currently available online at www.amazology.com, www.amazon.com. and www.luxury4him.com


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Website: www.amazology.com

Phone: 877.717.1780

Email: info@amazology.com

Owners:  Novielli Family

Facebook:  facebook.com/Amazology

Instagram:  Amazology



Read my interview with Amazology co-founder Mike Novielli and learn more about this great new product line. 

 Kieran: What sparked the idea of creating your own brand of advanced men’s skincare and grooming products ?

Mike:  While traveling a few years back and waiting for my flight, I went into an airport sundries shop looking for hair gel. With not much of a selection, I bought what they had available - a small tube of poorly packaged hair gel for $16.00! I purchased it thinking it was your typical overpriced airport consumer product. Turns out the hair gel was made from natural ingredients and performed reasonably well, though it didn’t smell very good. When I returned from my trip, we began researching the market for men’s natural skincare and grooming products. What we found was a growing but highly fragmented market. We recognized a potential opportunity and then developed a business plan.

amazology nfl.png

Kieran: How did you settle on the Amazology brand, made with natural and organic ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest?

Mike:  We ultimately decided to pursue this opportunity but only if we could penetrate the market with a differentiated brand and with products that were truly superior to those currently available.  L'Oréal and others had already been utilizing these powerful organic ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest in their high-end women’s beauty products. After careful consideration, consultation and planning, we decided to create the first line of men’s products which exclusively utilized these ingredients, and developed our entire brand identity and core purpose around this concept. We spent over two years in research and product development - including on site visitation to the Amazon Rainforest - and Amazology was born.

Kieran: How big is the market for these products and who is your target market?

Mike:  The overall market is already quite expansive and still growing - $6 billion in the U.S. alone.  The target market is adult males ranging from 25-60 years of age with disposable income. Our profile customer includes single millennials just entering the workforce to mid-life Gen-Xers to later stage baby boomers. Across the spectrum, men are improving their grooming and skincare regimens while becoming increasingly concerned with maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes discerning what types of products they use on their skin and hair. Amazology products are made with powerful natural ingredients responsibly sourced from the Amazon Rainforest and are paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, contain no artificial dyes, and possess subtle yet aromatic masculine fragrances.  

Kieran: What products are currently in the Amazology line and do you plan to develop any new products in the near future?

Mike:  Currently we have ten unique products and one starter kit, which include facial and skincare, hair care, body care, shaving and anti-aging solutions. We also have several new products in the early stages of development.

Kieran: Do you have any celebrities or professional athletes using or endorsing your products ?

Mike:  We actually have several fantastic brand ambassadors including two-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Bowler, ex-NY Giant Dave Diehl, ex-Houston Texans WR Kevin Walter, current New England Patriots WR Chris Hogan, as well as legendary pop rock guitarist Paul Pesco. We’re very proud to have representation from such exceptional individuals who embody high performance, maintain heathy lifestyles and have their own unique sense of style.

Kieran: Where are Amazology products currently being sold ?

Mike:   Amazology products are currently available online at www.amazology.com, www.amazon.com and www.luxury4him.com.  However, we were just picked up by a major distributor and are currently in discussions with other distribution channels as well - including several major department stores, specialty stores, hotels and men’s salons.  As a result, we soon hope to have a greater and more traditional retail presence.

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