Lalor Single-Handedly Saves $326,139 of Your Tax Dollars

By Kieran Lalor, on Oct 25, 2016

East Fishkill, NY -  Over four years, Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - East Fishkill) has applied the strategies that families and small businesses use to save money and single-handedly saved taxpayers $326,139. Of his commitment to defending the long-suffering New York taxpayer, Lalor said, "I am proud that my office has led from the front on spending. My hope is that other lawmakers, state agencies and local governments join me."

When he first set up his office he moved the furniture in himself with a U-Haul instead of hiring movers, saving taxpayers $1,189. Rather than have taxpayers pay for office cleaning, Lalor and his staff clean the office, saving $10,800 over the past four years. Lalor has slashed his mail budget to save taxpayers $88,235. When the Albany powerbrokers tried to get Lalor under their thumb by offering him the opportunity to spend $125,000 in tax money on pork-barrel projects for favored constituencies to help assure his reelection, Lalor told them “No” because he ran for the Assembly to defend the taxpayer not spend the taxpayer’s money on pet projects that lack transparency. 

Lalor has refused all travel and per diem payments for meals and hotels, saving taxpayers $64,908. Lalor is proud to be the ranking member of the Real Property Taxation Committee but he has refused to accept the $9,000 per year leadership stipend that goes with the position because he believes that serving as a ranking member is part of his basic duty as a Member of the Assembly. 

If every state legislative office did what Lalor does it would add up to $20 million in savings. If every agency of state government did it, the savings to taxpayers would be in the billions. Likewise, if local governments followed suit, property taxes wouldn't be driving one hundred thousand people out of the state each year. 

Lalor is running for reelection on Tuesday November 8th on the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Reform Party ballot lines. 

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