Lalor to Run for New York State Assembly

By Kieran Lalor, on Feb 21, 2012

May 11, 2011: Fishkill, New York:  Today Kieran Michael Lalor announced on WPDH's hit morning show Coop and Mulrooney that he will run for the New York State Assembly. 

On why he has thrown his hat into the ring, the father of four said, "I was born and raised right here in Dutchess County. My wife Mary Jo and I are raising our children in this beautiful corner of the world because it's a great place for families.   I'm running for the New York State Assembly because I want to ensure that my children come of age in a state bursting with opportunity.  Likewise, I am working to become your voice in Albany so that seniors like my parents are not taxed out of their homes."   

Said Lalor, "For years politicians of both parties have mortgaged our futures to benefit the politically connected.  To end this destructive cycle we have to elect representatives who are not part of the broken political establishment."  

Of the unique forum for a political announcement Lalor remarked, "The party bosses want to hand pick candidates so they can control them once in office. Typically a potential candidate's first step is to ask the party establishment for permission to run.  In stark contrast to the system that has brought our state to the brink of disaster, the first thing I did was to announce on a popular drive time radio show.  I wanted to speak directly to hard working people as they start their day.  I'm getting an early start on this campaign because for an outsider to take on the party bosses and political machines it will require many months of meeting people and hearing their concerns."

Lalor's Assembly district currently includes the towns of Clinton, Fishkill, Hyde Park, LaGrange, Poughkeepsie, and Wappinger.  However, it is possible the borders of the district could change when the state legislature develops a redistricting plan to account for population shifts reflected in the latest census.  

Those are great words said by Kieran Michael to the public and gave very challenging reply to his opposition who are cruising his entry into the sate assembly elections. I would like to support this great leader and want to write an article for buy assignments service blog about his political history and his achievements.

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