Republican Outsiders like NYS Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor are Supporting Andrew Heaney in the Republican Primary for NY's 19th Congressional District on on June 28th (Polls Open from 12pm-9pm).

By Kieran Lalor, on Jun 6, 2016

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I am proud to have perhaps the most conservative and most independent voting record in the state legislature. Because the party bosses and special interests didn't make me, they can't break me. Likewise, Andrew Heaney has taken on the broken political establishment in New York so we can count on him to do the same in Washington. Read below the top six reasons I am supporting Andrew Heaney for Congress in the Republican Primary on June 28th.

Semper Fidelis,

NYS Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor

I am supporting and actively campaigning for Andrew Heaney because:

1. Andrew Heaney Already Told the Party Bosses to Stick It!

Rather than jump through the hoops of a rigged nominating convention, Andrew Heaney took a bold stand against the party bosses, refused to participate in the kangaroo court they call a nominating convention and has been taking his conservative outsider message directly to Republican voters at their front doors.

2. Andrew Heaney is the Only Outsider in the Race

Andrew is not a product of the New York political machine. He doesn't owe three decades worth of favors to Party Bosses and entrenched special interests. He is his own man. We need independent leaders with guts like Andrew Heaney to represent us in Washington.

3. We need Business Leaders Like Andrew Heaney, Not Career Politician Lobbyists to Fix Bloated Government

It sickens me when I see Andrew Heaney's opponents using Andrew's success in business as some kind of attack line against him. Attacking success is a tactic of the Left and only a desperate Republican would stoop to that. Career politicians and lobbyists got our country into this mess. Successful entrepreneurs like Andrew Heaney are needed to fix it.

4. I'm Not Fooled by the Distraction of Past Contributions, You Shouldn't Be Either

I'll put my conservative Republican credentials up against anyone! The past contributions of a candidate don't matter to me. I choose a candidate based on character, experience and the issues. I am supporting Andrew Heaney because he is a rock-solid Republican who will defend the Second Amendment and represent our values in Washington.

5. War Veterans Like Me Need Andrew Heaney In Washington

Andrew Heaney's groundbreaking plan to fix the VA could only come from an outsider with a business background. Andrew Heaney would require members of Congress to get their health care from the VA, require the VA to be open on weekends and allow vets the option of using local doctors if they choose to, among other innovative reforms.

6. Andrew Heaney Is The Only Candidate In The Race Who Can Win In November

On June 28th we need to choose a Republican who can win in November. Donald Trump has shown that this is the Year of the Outsider Business Leader. Andrew Heaney is exactly that. His opponent is exactly the opposite. Democrat leaders are salivating over the opportunity to run against a Republican lobbyist who has been in government since I was in grade school and who lost his last two elections. Democrats don't want to face Andrew Heaney an outsider with a successful business record.

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